May 5, 2005

I so need to change my life...

I so do not want to be at work today. I think I have Spring Fever. Maybe I am just bored? I actually have a lot to do in my last 2 hours and I just don't want to do it. I am honestly thinking I would like to telecommute to work. There is a position for that available but I would be back to calling customers. But I would be home and could do that in my underwear if I wanted to. LOL! I think though that I would miss being around my co-workers. What would I have to talk about if all I did was stay at home on the computer all day long?

One of the main reasons that is keeping me from having a child is my job. My job is not kid friendly. I would stress way to much if my child were sick and I had to decide on staying home or getting fired. I am thinking if I worked from home I could start thinking of having a baby before it got too late. The majority of the people that telecommute in this position are SAHM's. Sounds like a good idea to me. Plus I would be sent out of state to train and be treated like a human being as this stay-at-home department is headed by the main CFO and has a larger budget. I have been talking with a co-worker that currently has this position. She stopped by work today and has given me a lot of good information on the position.

Do any of you telecommute to work? What do you find are the Pro's and Con's?


  1. sorry i don't telecommute..but i do work full time and so does my dh and we work different shifts to be home with the kids. that way when they are sick, we still don't really have to miss work (unless it is really bad or no sleep). anyway you will figure it all out when you have them. i really don't think i would miss my job at all. i would love to stay home, but we just don't make enough (or spend too much) to do it. enough rambling hope you find what is best for you and your soon to be kids!

  2. I don't telecommute, but we have a few people in my office who do. If you treat it like a job and get up every morning like you were going to a job works best. Take a shower, get dressed and than work! Dont sit around in your pj's all day. The women who treat it like they are actually go to work do just fine. But we did have one woman who sat around all day in her PJs and talked to her cats. She had a nervous breakdown! and than later on she quit. I guess it just wasnt for her.

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