May 17, 2005

Is it time to go home yet?

Do you ever have those days where the day just drags? Well I sure everyone does at one time or another. Today is one of those days. I sure do get them alot.

I have finished my first jug of water and have started on my second. If only the restrooms were not so far away in this building, not only because they are so darn far away but because everyone wants to talk while I am walking to them. Can't they see I am on a mission?

I do not know what to do tonight as Amazing Race is over. Maybe I can finally attend the stitch-n-bitch. It is held on Tuesdays nights. See I even found a cool new knitting icon Image hosted by I am almost finished with my knitted shawl. I only have one more round to go. I am trying to debate on whether I need to add an extra round. It is hard to tell what the size is as I cannot lay out the shawl to check. I am using the circulars now so I do have a much better idea than when I was using the straight needles. I do have a gripe about the yarn I am using. I am using Homespun for the shawl. It is such a fuzzy yarn. I have worked with it before and I am currently making a blanket with this yarn (UFO #1). The blanket looks great, the shawl does not. The shawl looks all fuzzy and to me it looks like it is sloppy. I guess I will not be using Homespun for anything other than blankets in the future (oh....except that scarf I was going to make).

Image hosted by


  1. Where do you get all those cool icons? And how do you add them to the blog? They are really cool. And yes I have many days that I can't wait till the day is over especially now that the triplets are teething some days are days from _ell with all the crying.

  2. I have 2 friends that go to Stitch-n-Bitch on Tuesdays. If you start going again, I'll tell you who they are!

    Fuzzy and sloppy are in.

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