July 5, 2005


B and I have lived in our apartment for over 5 years now. We have been lucky to not have anyone live in the adjoining apartment for 4 of those years. Well.....it is all over now. Someone just drove over the curb and thru the complex and parked in front of the door by ours and they are MOVING in! Well so much for the peace and quiet.

I normally would not be too concerned but there has been a really bad element of people that have been moving into this complex recently. I remember when we first moved in and were told they did not run specials because specials (free rent, reduced rent) brought in bad elements. Well they started with the specials and I guess the bad element is moving in. In fact I had to call the cops yesterday because some tenets decided that the street belonged to them and parked on both sides (both sides being firelanes) and cars could not get thru. This is the 3rd time this street has been blocked due to these new tenets. And to think I was the idiot that decided to renew the lease! I sure hope these newbies don't make alot of noise late at night.

I guess all in all I don't like other people knowing our comings and goings and when our apartment is empty. The picture is taken from our patio and faces the one that now has the new neighbors - that should show you how close they will be. If they are outside then can look right into our living room. Not a very good picture I know but it is all I currently have and it is a much prettier picture than a plain ole apartment picture.

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