July 6, 2005

Should I worry?

I have a counter on my blog that tells me where people came from to visit my blog. I have had a lot of hits (from Europe mostly) to a photo I have of the twins. It is from a google image search and there are many visits in a day. Should I be concerned? These are photos of babies and since I posted them with Blogger I cannot delete them from the Internet. The people that come to my site via this photo do not stay any longer than a few seconds. There are a couple that seem to come all the time and at first I wondered if they were just using the google search to sort of bookmark my page but that is the only page (the archive page with the picture) that my counter shows as being visited.

Any ideas on what I should do? Am I just being paranoid?

If you are visiting via this photo please leave a comment and let me know.


  1. That's a hard one. I guess it sort of depends on the search. Would it be a normal thing to google? I'm a professional worrier, so I'd probably do my best to take them down, but my sensible side says that it's not doing any harm, maybe they just like the picture.

  2. My guess, and I could be wrong but this is what I'm thinking, is that whatever the filename on the photo is triggering some common keyword on Google's image search, though that wouldn't explain why someone from the same IP address was visiting it a lot? Strange.

    I've never used Blogger, so I don't know what they allow you to do and what they don't, but this page has info on how to exclude parts of your site from various Google indexes with a robots.txt file: http://www.google.com/remove.html The last section is about how to get either specific images or all your images removed from their search. If you can do that, it might set your mind at ease...

  3. I'd say in general it is best not to post photos of your children if there is anyway for a viewer to figure out any other information (where you live, etc.).

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