July 26, 2005


10 things that make me happy today:

1. My friend's orange shoes (wish I had a photo of him wearing them but he refuses – still makes me happy though)
2. My work load is quite slow today (shhh don’t tell anyone)
3. The work day is half done
4. Today is Tuesday (one more day closer to the weekend!)
5. B let me drive the Honda (even though the fender looks like crap – worse than before) and he drove the devil car.

6. Frozen chocolate covered bananas
7. Library books
8. Clouds
9. When co-workers stop by my cube just to say “Hello” (and I don’t think it is because of the sign that says “Please someone stop and say hello – soda not required”
10. That I am not this girl – Ouch!

It is good to get the happy stuff out of the way.

That way this post is not a total gripe. I have a huge pet peeve/gripe with hubby. He accuses me of being a picky eater. Ummm have you seen me lately? I don’t think I am picky! In fact due to my Mexican upbringing I eat and have eaten some things he will never touch. However if I ever say I don’t like something, that is me being picky. I hate that I have to tell him my past experiences with a particular food in order to be legit in my not liking a particular food. I am an adult. I know what I do and do not like to eat. I also know if I have never tried something, I will try it before passing judgment. For example, asparagus. Can you believe I never had asparagus growing up? My mother-in-law always makes it. I tried it. I love it. It is now one of my favorite vegetables. Liver? I had it as a child, I will NOT try it again as an adult. I already know I hate it.

Hubby loves to cook and has worked as a chef. Heaven forbid I don’t like something he makes! Oh and you have to tell him it is good before even taking a bite - well not really but that is how it seems to me and I have teased him about that.

One of my nephews grew up as a picky eater. You could count on one hand the only foods he would eat – favorite being cracker and ketchup. Now as he has gotten older he is eating normally. My parents made sure he got what he needed and the doctor said he was fine. Well he is skinny and that just bugs hubby. Hubby thinks there is something wrong. It could not be because his mom and dad are as thins as weeds? Ya know…..genetics? So because of this, hubby has made comments about when we have kids. He likes to say ‘No kid of mine will be a picky eater!’ and ‘If the kid doesn’t eat what we give him, too bad’. (Thanks for jinxing our future kid, honey.) I think this is what he went thru growing up.

So fast forward to last night (and the whole reason I typed this whole history). I leave work in a fantastic mood and stop by the grocery store that is on the way home. Walking into the store I call hubby and tell him where I am and that I was buying him milk and did he want anything else. His response “you are at THAT store aren’t you?” Okay THAT store was just fine to shop at when we lived right next door. “Well don’t buy me any of THAT store’s milk, buy me only Shamrock” All of a sudden he has this huge aversion to the milk from this store, that is both brands that they sell. They do NOT sell Shamrock. I thought Shamrock was a namebrand milk? I asked (actually griped too) a couple of employees and they told me they have never heard of it. Argh! So I end up driving to ANOTHER grocery store OUT of my way, just to buy Shamrock milk!!! Then I still had another errand to run. I got home much later than I had planned and was not in a very good mood (and my frozen chocolate covered bananas were no longer frozen). Hubby didn’t quite think that my using the analogy of him being a picky eater was correct. Yeah right! He just doesn’t like it when I call him out! Because of this milk aversion we cannot shop at my favorite store. We have to shop at the new fancy store. I must tell you that I do have a fun time at the new fancy store. Especially when he is looking for his favorites and the new fancy store does not carry them. Oh Darn! :-P


  1. Hitting your head on the diving board must hurt like hell...ouch!

  2. I love the when we have kids comment. Like I can make E do ANYTHING he doesn't want to do. Food that he doesn't like goes right onto the floor. He does it like we can't even see him; holds his little arm over the side of the tray, looks the other way, and drops. arrgggh.

    So, when you having kids?

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