July 18, 2005


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Why is it I make such high goals for myself to complete on my days off of work and when the time comes I do absolutely nothing? I had such high hopes for this weekend but I ended up doing nothing. No laundry, No dishes, No cleaning of any kind. I had goals to finish a couple of projects – nope those did not get finished either. I didn’t even turn on my computer the entire weekend until 11pm on Sunday night and that was just to download email.

I don’t know why I don’t feel like doing anything. Then I feel guilty because I don’t do anything. In my mind I guess I just cannot win. I had been blaming it all on the heat. I never go outside. I stay inside and still don’t do anything. It is hot inside but not as bad as outdoors. If the weather
channel says 30% of rain……..is that good? Does that mean there is 70% chance it will rain? Or does it mean there is a 70% it will NOT rain? I am not good at those weather percentages. We don’t have need for them all that often. LOL!

This weekend was NOT a chick flick weekend. So that hubby would not complain I made sure that the next few movies we received from Netflix are strictly horror films. This weekend we watched Cursed and Darkness. Hubby saw Cursed in the theatre and said he did not like it. He said that the unrated version we saw this weekend was much better. I thought it was an okay movie. Kind of predictable. I have a problem with Christina Ricci's super duper round head. As for Darkness…..this movie was a bit predictable as well. Since I am personally afraid of the dark I don’t like movies that have things hiding in the dark. LOL! The movie must not have been that bad as I did not have any nightmares over it.

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As for some chick content……Last week I was able to watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I loved that movie! It really touched me and very few movies really do. This weekend I was also able to finish reading Safe Harbor by Luanne Rice. Very nice book. I just discovered this author and this is only the 2nd book of hers that I have read, but I am planning on reading them all. For now my next book to read is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I am thinking I should take lunch now so I can get started. :-)

Is it just me or does the new Blogger images suck? I have only been successfull twice in uploading photos this way. I am sure I have already used up my bandwidth just trying to get photos to post. :-( It either gives an error or tells me it is succesful but there is never a photo in the post. As usual Blogger says there is no problem. I guess I cannot complain if it is free, however it would be nice if it worked properly.

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