January 2, 2006

Happy Day after New Years Day

I really am alive. Really I am. See that is me over there on the left. Hi there. How ya doing? I have been so out of touch with everything lately. I have neglected my blog, my friend's blogs and basically everything. I have been kept so busy at work that the time (like breaks and lunches) I used to take to read a blog or update a blog just isn't happening. I don't even seem to take my lunch break anymore at all. Argh! Since when did I become a work-a-holic? I sure wish some of that working energy would rub off at home cause I live in a sty! It doesn't help either that instead of picking something up B will just throw it into the second room and leave it for me. Then he gets mad if it isn't done immediately and yet it isn't even a mess I made. Sheesh! Sometimes I wish I lived alone. Sometimes.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine was good. Christmas Eve was spent at my parents’ house as usual and it was nice seeing all the family. I did miss not having my brother and his kids there as they spent the last 2 weeks in Hawaii (ooh lala – must be nice). My favorite uncle also was absent as he was not feeling well. All I can say is the Posole was AWESOME!!!

Christmas day is usually spent at home doing nothing while B plays whatever video game he got. This year was different. I left B at home with his video game and went to my Aunt and Uncles for tamales, menudo and ham.

New Years Eve (day) I got to spend with my brother's kids and watched them open their Christmas presents. Poor B had to work.

New Years Eve (night) we did nothing. We are becoming boring in our old age. Sheesh! B fell asleep while I watched the ball drop and listened to the SUPER loud neighboors next door. Man! That girl parties almost every night!

New Years Day (evening) was spent at the in-laws. We had a yummy dinner (my mother-in-law does know how to cook a good meal) and watched Serenity (the movie). Not so bad of a movie. I never really got past the first two episodes of the TV show though. It sure was a hot day and it was weird dressing in summer clothes. I wonder if I will ever get to wear my nice sweaters and my new jacket anytime soon.

It is now the New Year. I cannot believe how fast this past year went. Of course everyone seems to say that and I don't mind joining them. I have never been one for making New Years resolutions/goals. I remember one year making some and I forgot them the very next day. So if I am going to make some resolutions/goals they have to be biggies and maybe I should write them down. ;-) I guess I am afraid of failure and so I don’t put myself in a situation (such as making goals) so that I don’t fail.

What are your goals for the New Year?


  1. Love the picture! It is wierd pulling out the summer stuff. I am mad that I haven't gotten to wear my sweaters more this year! I love my sweaters! Maybe we'll just get a late winter? Here's hoping!

    My big goal for the year is to eliminate all our credit card debt and start chipping away at our student loan debt. Thankfully the cc debt isn't terrible but those student loans oy veh. Using a debt program paying an extra $285 a month toward debt will get us out of debt in 6 years. (Yes those student loans are hefty!) Its a scary prospect... I've never lived on a budget before but I have to if we ever want to own a nice house. Of course this means less scrapbook shopping! :( But if I behave I can buy a house with a room just for my scrapping... so that is a good motivation!

  2. I hear ya A. I would love to get out of credit card debt. B has a student loan that is outrageous. Whenever he has been out of work it gets deferred but we have to start paying it again. I really want to buy a house too and pay off everything but B does not do well on a budget and I just get tired of griping about it. Want to hear something sad? My MIL gave us each $250 for Christmas. B has spent his. I only got to spend $70 and the rest has gone to the rent and it is not even enough to pay it this month.

    What debt program are you using? I think I need to look into something to help us.

  3. I love, love, love those pictures! They're great! Sounds like a pleasant holiday season for the most part. Sorry about the neighbor. Hopefully she will choose to grow up a little in '06. See you soon!

  4. Totally check out Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Its a book and I know he has a website somewhere. I read the book in two days. It is incredible. Lots of stories of people deeply in debt becoming debt free, including the house. Very motivational. I keep waiting for dh to read it but I think we will start even if he hasn't read the book. He may never read it and I'm not waiting! I can't stand this debt load and the burden. If something happened to my job or one of us we'd be sunk and that scares me! I don't want to move back in with my parents :p

    If dh isn't going to read the book soon I'll loan it to you. It is the best one I've come across and I've read quite a few.


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