January 8, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

On Friday, I called in sick to work. Both B and I were not feeling too well. I had a huge sinus headache and thought my head and ear would just explode from the pressure. Saturday was another day of putting up with not feeling up to par and today Sunday was a bit better. I woke up today with a headache (a different kind but a headache nonetheless). But today was different in that I actually left the house. B and I went out for his birthday lunch since we were not able to go on his actual birthday (the 3rd). We went to Macaroni Grill as we did not want to wait 40 minutes for a seat at Stupid Garden. I don't know why we even went there first. Lunch was good and dinner will be too as we are having our leftovers from lunch. After lunch we stopped by The Red Circle Boutique and I bought the first season of LOST and some socks. I don't know what it is with me and socks lately. I have gone years without buying new socks and lately I have been buying tons of cute socks. It must be all those new shoes I bought recently (shhhh don't tell). Although I don't know why I even bought more socks as today was another hot one and I wore summer clothes with my slip-on sandals. I wonder when winter will come? I think I need to change the theme of this blog from Winter to Summer.

Tonight is good TV. My butt will be a potato. Although I may try to scrap while I watch. I think there is a new Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I love both of those shows. I am also a bit more excited about TV tonight as a new show debuts on the Oxygen channel. It is called Campus Ladies. I want to watch this show for one reason. One of the girls in it is someone I knew from high school. We ran with the same group of friends and although I have tons of pictures of her and remember her well, I kind of doubt she remembers me. I kind of feel that way about everyone I was friends with in High School. How sad is that? Anyways.....if you get a chance to watch it please do as she is a fantastic actress. Good luck Miranda with your new show!


  1. I scrapped and watched tv, I know you can do it to! So, what did you scrap - huh? huh? what did ya scrap?

    Just to brag - I got 3 pages done and I love them! Check out my gallery!

  2. NO! I did not scrap. Stop rubbing it in!!!

  3. We totally need to go sock shopping. I have a plethora of white boring socks. I want color! Lots of color! Cute color socks! Although there may not be many more weeks to wear them I want them anyway!!

  4. Oh I have that book. I just dug it out of my cabinet as I said in my e-mail that's one cabinet I really need flylady to help me declutter! Anyway after flipping through it again I noticed that I put stars on the recipes I have tried. 4 stars being the best. 1 star being the worst. A 4 star would be a recipe I would make again. I also wrote some comments on some. Here are the ones which I have tried from that book. I wrote the page numbers for quick reference and my notes which I had written in my book

    **** pg 161 Sausage-Beef Spaghetti Sauce
    *** pg 104 Barbecued Roast Beef
    ** pg 103 Beef Au Jus
    pg 124 - Stuffed Peppers (My comment in my book was Okay)
    *-pg 140 Pork Chops and Gravy (YUCK) I actually wrote in my book never make this again
    pg 81 - Becky's Beef Stew (comment in my book was Don't make again)

    I flagged the pages of those other two recipes which your friends said to try. The crock pot is not a big fan for my husband because most of the time the recipes are not a hit with us.

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