January 3, 2006

The holidays are over

Today it is back to the grind. I got to work around 8:30am after driving in the heaviest traffic I have seen in the morning (all roads had construction and I came across one accident and 2 school zones) I also saw the most garbage trucks ever on the road today. Once I got to work I had to run some reports (something new for me to do) and let me tell you I hate having to create things when I know the data is not correct. I did not get to start on my real work until after 11:00. I guess there will be no lunch for me today (and no W/W meeting). I have a meeting at 12:30 and I am happy it is by phone. It is one of those meetings where you really don’t know if you are supposed to be there. I am basically just there to listen. I hope that it is not a waste of my time. Actually I like knowing what is going on so I hope I learn something new.

Yesterday I had to call the management company of my apartment complex to put in a noise complaint for the girl next door. When she first moved in she played her music loud but it was always off by 10pm (on weekdays) so I had no complaints. B always plays his music loud so I was not about to complain about hers. Well lately the music does not even come on some days until 10:30pm and then it stays on. I have to turn the television on super loud and it still does not drown out the bass beat coming thru the wall. On New Years Eve it was on ALL night. What gets me is that they sit outside and no one can even hear the music going on inside. I had no problems with New Years Eve although around 2am B banged on the wall to let them know enough was enough. Then we got to listen to them yelling outside the entire night. Why is it when people are drunk they always yell “I love you” to everyone? On the 1st she had the music on until 1am. What ticked me off is that they were in the parking lot and not even in the apartment. Because of this I called it in. I was home yesterday and she put on her music around noon (so up went my TV). It was not long before she turned it off and then it did not come on again at all. All night it was peace and quiet…well except for her SLAMMING her door every hour or so. I guess she was a bit ticked. I guess I am getting old but I am not a fan of underage parties and music all night long right outside my front door.

Today is B’s birthday. The poor birthday boy has to work today and we are not able to go out to dinner tonight. I feel bad that we cannot celebrate his birthday tonight. I think he is having friends over late tonight so hopefully they will take him out for a good time since he has the day off tomorrow.

I am still thinking on what goals I want to make for the New Year. Hopefully it will not take me all year to think of some. :-)

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