January 4, 2006

Scrap Happy

Today I am tired. So tired in fact that I could not even wear my contacts. It is my own fault really. I stayed up until midnight scrapping. It did not help that I actually started around 10pm and before that I had to dig for all my supplies (well not all but some really important ones). B made a mess of our second room where my supplies are kept and I had a problem finding things. It did not help that I would put one item down to look for another and then when I finally found what I was looking for I could not find the object I put down. Argh! Around 10pm I took the supplies I wanted to use downstairs as there was not a clear space AT ALL upstairs and got to work. I have always said I was a slow scrapper. Last night proved it. It took about 2 hours to finish the layout. Now I can blame my slowness on the fact that the page was 12x12 and not my normal 8.5x11 but I don’t think that is a good enough excuse, especially since I used a sketch to create the page and the page is super simple ~ but I just could not get it to look right. I was so tired that I put all my stuff in a pile and just left the page sitting there with nothing glued down. I had planned to finish it tonight but before I went upstairs I decided it was done and stuck everything down. So I am proud to say I have officially scrapped my first page for this year (2006) and the first page of photos for 2005. Whoo hoo! Go me!! It's my birthday!!

When I finally crawled into bed at 12:30am I could not sleep. My mind turned on and would not turn off. I kept thinking of stuff like creating budgets (more like convincing B to let us have a budget), making New Years resolutions, and I even thought about blogging about not being able to sleep. It did not help that B was taking up a good part of the bed and I had one cat beside me and the other at my feet. I could not move all night.

Work so far today has been calm and looks to be a good day. I have lots on my plate and new stuff is being given to me so I really have to work on my time management but I am not stressed (that is a good thing right?) I guess having a great boss makes it worthwhile. I sure do love my job and coming to work – even on the bad days although today the coffee is a be ewwww!


  1. Well, I hear you on the staying up late. The mess is my fault though. It takes me about 2 hours to do a page normally. I think that's about what it took last night. I used to pride myself on being able to get done in 30 minutes or less. But, the pages do look better if a little more time is spent on them. Congrats on getting your first page done and welcome to the club of not being able to turn your mind off (especially off of scrapbooking) after a late session.

  2. So where's the layout? Huh? Huh? I wanna see!

    Whats worse is waking up in the middle of the night and then not getting your mind to shut off. For me anyway. When my sleep gets interrupted its always worse than going to bed late.....

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