October 2, 2007

How can it be October?

Today my cold has hit me full force. Very stuffy around these parts. I sure do hope it does not last long. I don't think I have ever sneezed so much in my life. B is trying to avoid me saying that he does not want me to get him sick. HELLO?!?!? He was the one that got me sick in the first place. I told him that giving me his cold was the sweetest anniversary present ever! Actually he got me Knocked Up for our anniversary (the movie that is). LOL!

I am working on my 10-key today. I know how to type 10-key by touch, but now I have to learn how to do it using the correct fingers. LOL! My fingers are getting tired. It doesn't help that the type on the exercises is so small. I really do need to take a picture and share.

September is over (how did that happen?) and I finally updated all of my August 365 shots. I have a dream of not being a month behind when it comes to posting my pictures. I don't even know what day I am on since I am so behind. It helps in a way though. I see the photo a month later and if it is a bad one, it no longer bothers me. ;)

Here is a funny for ya! See the foot photo from August 1st? Can you believe that is my most viewed photo ever on Flickr? Unbelievable!

So here is what I looked like during the month of August. August is when I started school so the pictures should at least be a bit more appealing than when it was me just dragging myself out of bed. LOL!

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  1. Love the pics! Sorry you're feeling yuck. Me too. Everytime the weather changes in the slightest, my sinuses go nutty. Fell better soon!

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