October 4, 2007

We bought a lamp.

Since today was B’s last day of vacation and we are both feeling a bit better (although I am still pretty stuffy) we decided we had better go out for our anniversary date. Only a week late but it still counts, right? We didn’t make it to the movies but we did have a nice early dinner. B got his king crab legs and that is all that matters. LOL! He really does love those king crab legs and he has me hooked on them as well. They were yummy but I think we had just a bit too much salt today. Poor guy has to go back to work tomorrow and I know he is not looking forward to it. Good thing I only have class for a few hours tomorrow. It will be nice to get home early.

After dinner, we stopped by Target. We went in for tissues and of course came out with much more. While wandering around the store, we found a lamp we had looked at before on sale for $13.12 down from $52.49. Talk about a deal! It is a large lamp, which is what we had wanted, so I am happy. It looks pretty good in the living room too.

Now if only I could breathe so I could get myself to sleep tonight. I get so jealous watching the cats sleep that I always have to go and wake them up!


  1. Happy anniversary. Hope you are feeling better soon. The target comment that is the case here as well. I can't go into the store without coming out with other things. I try not to go there that much.

  2. I hope you feel better, soon. We got lamps for our anniversary, too. :)

  3. Awww... what a nice picture! When is your anniversary - mine is this week too! Happy Day! :)

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