October 5, 2007

Love Today

Nothing is better than some Mika/Scissor Sisters action early in the morning. You can’t go wrong when a song has laser beam sounds in it. LOL! It was just what I needed to get myself started this morning. Well that and the coffee and bagel action I had for breakfast. So now I am ready for a full day of learning. Actually, I am ready to dance in the car again but I will save that for the drive home.

They gave out awards again yesterday (my day off). I got the award for fastest typist in September ~ 75wpm. That is 2 months in a row that I got this award. I don’t remember last month’s (August) speed so I need to check and see if I improved any from the previous month. I do know that I already have hit over 80wpm for October.

Darn! I just got back a med terms test and I did well on the test portion but noticed the teacher had not graded the spelling portion. Now I am sorry I mentioned it to her. I did not do well on the spelling on this test at all. I am embarrassed at how bad I did. I hate when I miss a word by just one letter. Darn that choledocholithiasis! At least I don’t have to retake the test.

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