May 31, 2008

So disapointed

No. Let me rephrase that. I am actually pretty ticked. I was just screwed by Alltel and there is nothing I can do about it. The day before my trip, I had to buy a new cell phone. My first cell phone finally bit the dust and I needed a phone for my trip. So we head off to the nearby Alltel to get a new phone. The rebate offer helped to seal the deal. They even printed out an extra receipt and paper clipped it to the rebate offer. Also, paper clipped to this was some other offers and the sales person's card. We were told we had 60-days for the rebate and the rebate form also had this boldly printed on the bottom of the form.

So, I leave the next day for my trip. I am now back and decide to fill out the information for the rebate. I remove the sales person's card and find that she had covered up a very important piece of information. The rebate ended on May 29th. The sales person never mentioned an ending date and in fact when she talked to us in detail about the rebate she had already had her extra stuff paper clipped to it so there was no way at that time we would have noticed that we only were given a week for our rebate. I am so disappointed to be out of pocket for this money. At least I can still take the phone back and I will be so very sad to do so but it may end up being the only option. It may actually be the best option. Then I can head on over to Best Buy and see what phone they offer for free. I was told by a co-worker that she got her phone (the same as mine) for free from Best Buy when her carrier wanted her to pay for it. So much for customer loyalty.


  1. I could be wrong about this, but it may be that the phone had to be purchased before May 29th. Obviously if the thing said the rebate had to be post marked by then that'd be different but in that case, when they said you had 60 days for the rebate, they lied.

    Anyway, good luck! Hopefully you can at least get the refund.

  2. Thanks. You may be right. I had someone else say the same thing to me about the dates. I did contact the store where I made my purchase and they really did not leave me confident in their practices. I am just going to send it off and see what happens.

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