August 20, 2009

it's been a month

It has been one month (and a couple of days) since we moved into our house. I cannot believe that it has already been that long. Some days it feels like no time at all has passed and others it feels like it has been a long time. We are pretty much all moved in and settled. Well except for my crafty stuff. I was so busy unpacking the rest of the house that I had to wait to unpack the good stuff.

Now we just need to decorate. But first we need to find a painting, some kind of art for the walls, then we can go from there. We have been looking for years now and have found nothing we could both agree on . . . although, there are a few paintings I saw recently that could be a possibility.

It has been a busy month. First the move, then the unpacking, and then the re-arranging (because I just can't make up my mind on where to put stuff). We have already had our first plumbing emergency and our first family gathering (10 humans, 2 cats, 1 dog). All this and we haven't made our first mortgage payment yet.

The place is starting to feel a bit more like home with each day that passes. Even the cats (for the most part) are getting comfy. At least we no longer have to deal with the exorcist kitty. Now that was a joy, NOT!

I am looking forward to the time when I actually have some time. It seems like all I do now is clean. Is it just me or do Swamp Coolers make everything much more dusty and gritty? No sooner is something is wiped down, it gets re-covered in dust and needs to be cleaned again. I am not used to having to clean my stove multiple times a day, especially when it has not been used.

I am looking forward to the decorating, and even more visits from family. I am so happy to finally have a place that is actually large enough to entertain. Now I just need to do it, instead of just talking about it.

Family.....gotta love 'em!

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