September 25, 2004

A day at the park

Today was my nephew's 2nd birthday and his mother's too (my sister-in-law). My brother had it at the park. Knowing my brother we went 1/2 hour after it started. My sister in law was the only one there (other than her grandparents). Not even her kids were there yet. Of course when Sammy (birthday boy) got there he would not let anyone near him. He is so different than anyone in our family. He pouts until about an hour into being somewhere then he loosens up. My dad so loves to play with him. In fact my dad took him for the day yesterday and he still acted pouty like he did not know him today. He does this thing where he looks right past you when you call him. He will ignore you. My mom was calling him and he instead was staring right at me with his evil eye look. It is what makes him so cute. I got to hold only one of the twins today - Andrew. He will be 4 months next week and he is 15 pounds!! Sammy is only 30 pounds and the doctor said he was too fat. Yet chubby Andrew according to the doctor is just right. I do not know little Anna's weight but the doctor says she is too short. We will just have to wait and see with her. Her great-grandmother spent the whole time holding her so I just contended myself with Sammy and Andrew. I took lots of photos - even some of my dad rolling in the grass with Sammy. I have to take them in on Monday to be developed and hopefully will have them on Tuesday. Since it is Saturday it is game night so with B away I hope to get some scrapping done tonight. So before I lose the motivation I better get offline and away from the computer. Here is the most recent photo of Sammy that I have. This was taken back in June - this is the look I am talking about. In this photo he has just walked into the hospital room after the twins were born. My brother picked him up and I snapped the picture.

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