September 4, 2004

Day off #2 (Labor Day)

Today we are going to my parents' for a BBQ. We are having Labor Day early since my brother is a lucky guy and gets to work on Labor Day. Of course every single summer day here in the desert is dry and in the 100s. So it is totally normal for it to be raining all day today right? I woke up to rain and now it looks like it is ready to go again. It will be an interesting BBQ I am sure.

My brother has 5 kids. Three are still in diapers (there is a set of twins in there). I will definitely get my baby fix today. I am all set with tons of film and new camera batteries. Now my darn brother better show up and have all the kids. LOL! He is famous for either not showing up at all or like last time – we were eating at 5:00 and showed up a noon for about an hour. I am crossing my fingers that I am not disappointed today.

Oh and not to change the subject or anything................does anyone know how to brush a cat's teeth?

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