March 25, 2005

All by myself

It is so nice to have the house to myself. With B being out of work for a bit he was always here. I mean I love the guy but a girl needs some alone time. I always looked forward to having the place to myself. Bummer thing is… won't last long. Now that B is back working, my schedule is changing. I will no longer be working 4x10's with Friday, Saturday and Sundays off. I am so bummed! I currently work on a specialized team with only four members. Two of the guys have new positions that start April 1st. The other guy has an interview on Tuesday for another department (but he does different stuff than I do anyways). So that just leaves me. Since I will be the only one doing the job of four people I have to be there every day. At least I can decide on my own schedule. I am thinking 8-5 sounds good! Now my specialist team is actually being disbanded as the work we do actually belongs to other departments and we are trying to get these departments to do their own work. I do not know how long I have in my current position. I have had this position for a year now (Exactly 1 year on April 1st). I was one of the first members of the team when it was first created. Once the team is gone I go back to the phones which I am not looking forward too as it is for a new program. Don't get me wrong, I can do the work and have been doing it for 5 ½ years but it is getting old. I currently handle online customer issues via email and also work as help desk when needed for the rest of the department. Luckily the main managers are allowing us to know apply for different positions. Management had at first refused to let any of us leave our main department (phone support) so a lot of open positions that I would have liked are now gone. There are two positions that are currently opened that I would love to have. They are salaried positions so that means I would be chained to work but I am willing to do that for more pay and a promotion. My current manager is turning in my resumes and interest forms for me today. I believe interviews start next week. Wish me luck.

So back to having my day off….. I actually woke up at a decent hour but stayed in bed to finish reading a book I checked out. The book was Paradise County by Karen Robard. I liked it and it was the first book I have read by this author. I may have to check out some more of her books. It was nice to sit in bed reading as I have gotten away from it lately. Now I am getting ready to do tons of laundry but got sidetracked by walking by the computer.

As for my cold. It is still here. It is extremely hard to swallow and clear my throat but I just know I am on the mend. I hope to start a new project tonight……..

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  1. Good luck with the new job, hope you get the position you want!

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