March 1, 2005


Because of their incompetence and unwillingness to admit they were at fault I received my first ticket yesterday!!

After working thru my lunch, I left a little early from work. There was an accident on the way home so I had to drive out of my way. Due to this accident there were a lot of cops on the street. I was in the left turn lane with a cop behind me. As soon as the light turned green he had on his lights. As he walked up to me, I had my payment receipt ready and explained to him that the car is actually registered and that my dad and husband had been at DMV all day (5 hours!!). He told me it did not matter. He stated that he could see the car was registered but that it was forbidden for highway use. Now tell me how can you have a car registered and yet you are not allowed to drive it? He ticketed me and then proceeded to tell me that I could go to traffic school or pay the fine (yeah right - which is what I told him). He seems to think the judge will not let me off of this ticket. I did not know what to make of this guy as he was nice and then he would say things that were not - like he felt I was lying. He told me that even though the car was registered, the previous owner (of the tags - not the car) got a refund. Due to the new stupid law of keeping the plate with the person and not the car, we had to go thru this. The cop then proceeded to tell me which way he was driving. He then told me not to tell him which way I was driving. He stated that if he got behind me (or if any cop got behind me) I would be given another ticket. He then proceeded to drive across the street and park his car and watch me. So I had to stand out in the cold until B came to give me the new tags.

So now to B's story at the MVD. The idiot rep told him that if we wanted this resolved we would have to pay an additional fee. So even though we paid $150.00 to register our vehicle, we would have to pay a $70.00 fee and then pay the $150.00 again. This was a MVD mistake and they are causing us to lose money and to be in court twice now this month! I need to take a letter to the judge about what we have been thru. It has to be from MVD but MVD will not admit to their mistake. I am so ready to get rid of this car. B does not know how but my dad was able to get us all of our money back (I hope he did not pay the fee which would be just like him).

Now onto today........ I again worked thru lunch but with how busy it is I will be here way past the end of my shift. So far I have been here over 10.5 hours. I don't want to miss Amazing Race tonight but I also have errands to run. Well back to work I go.

....oh and did I mention that MVD sucks??????

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