March 28, 2005

Happy day after Easter

I have been loving my time away from the computer while at home. Working non-stop in front of the computer all day is starting to take its toll. I have been skipping lunch since I have so much to do. I don’t want to stop my momentum so I just keep working. I usually go home early then. Like today I am thinking may be a skip lunch sort of day. B started a different job today and if I leave early, I will get home before him. Yippee!!!

I am feeling more tired today than usual. Maybe because I got out of the house this weekend because I know that I went to bed much earlier last night. Instead of 4-5 hours, I got 6-7. I did not want to wake up. This is not a good thing as I am planning to meet my mom to work out at 5:30am when my schedule changes next month. That will be really hard for me. I am so not a morning person. I am determined to do it though.

Today B started his new job. It is kind of funny how it all came about. He has been out of work for a bit and never got any calls for interviews etc. Well last week was the jackpot. He had an interview at a retail construction store and went in for background testing. While waiting for the response for that, he was hired at a fire-sprinkler place. It is still construction based and that worries me, as I don’t want him to be laid off again. That same day he got a call from another company to have him come work for them. He had to turn them down. What a weird feeling to have everyone want you. J Last week the retail store called and since they want to start him off at more money, he is going with them. It will be nice for him to have a job inside again. It will be nice to have money again. I can buy yarn. LOL! I so hate being the sole-supporter. Darn it!

My Dad is buying a fixer-upper house. On Saturday, I went to see it. It sure does need a lot of work. He wants B and me to move in when our lease is up in June. I admit it would be nice to be in a house and even though this is not part of what we planned, I am thinking about it. I am not quite sure though as I just don’t get a really good feeling about the house. I cannot picture what my Dad wants to do with it so I am just going to wait and see. I am sure it will look great when he is finished.

For Easter, we went to the in-laws. We drove out to Picacho Peak (pictures coming soon) to see the poppies. Unfortunately, there were not that many in attendance. I guess we went a week too late. After a very short mini hike (basically from the car to the side of the road) we got back in the car for the drive home. My in-laws had never been there (neither had B). My mother-in-law wore flip-flops so we did not go very far. We then went back to their place to have dinner and watch a couple of movies.

On the cold front. I am feeling much better. Just a sore throat and the choking continue but I am sure it is short lived.

I have been having such problems trying to post to Blogger recently. I am unable to get my photos uploaded and the site appears to be down a bunch. So I really am not slacking, it is more like giving up. Instead of trying over and over to post, I just stop after the first couple of tries.

Cough Drops - 1
Soda – 1

Coffee – 1
Advil for headache - 2

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