March 30, 2005

One down. Hopefully more to come.

The interview is over. Well this one is at least. I find out next week if I will have a second interview or if I will just get feedback on how I did.

I think I did okay. I never know how to answer the questions that are asked. There were 4 people in the interview with 3 asking the questions. Each person will ask a question and then they write down what you say. The questions they asked for this interview are different than any I have had in any prior interview. It does help when you know the people doing the interview - which I did as I have worked with them before. Three of them are the current schedulers, the other person used to work in the position.

Now on to the 2nd position I applied for which is just an analyst. I have an interview for that position on Monday. This interview will just be with one person as far as I know and does not involve multiple interviews as the scheduling position. I find this weird as both positions are in the same department with the same people (not more than 10). In fact both positions seem to overlap. Well they currently do but with the new setup I don't know if there will be stricter lines between the two.

Now I am back to work and trying to get caught up. I had everything pretty much caught up before the interview but a lot of requests came in during that time and also during my lunch hour. Tax season sure is not fun!


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