March 13, 2005

It has been awhile

Talk about boring. I have a blog and I don't write to it. Sorry to all of you that visit and there is nothing new posted. I cannot believe it has been a week since I last posted.

Work has been so busy that I just don't even try to post during the week days anymore and on the weekend I try to stay away from the computer (since I work on one all day long). I have actually been trying to post some recent layouts but Picasa/Hello does not seem to want to work. One of these days I will have pics again.

I had a very nice relaxing weekend where I did nothing (well I did complete a 2 page layout). B told me not to even clean and so I took him at his word (you don't have to tell me twice - LOL!) It has been very warm this weekend (in the mid-80's) and since the A/C has not been turned on we can only open the windows in our apartment. It was quite warm this weekend so that also put me in the mood to do nothing productive.

Friday I went to the scrapbook store to spend a gift certificate I got for my birthday. I am usually pretty good and not buying duplicates but I bought something I already had. I have so much that I do not know why I still shop for supplies. In fact this item I bought was not even stashed away some place but sitting on top of my desk when I got home. I guess I really wanted it. LOL!

I have been wanting to update the site and I just seem to run out of steam when I get ready to start.

I want to make an oval doily. Does anyone know of a good site that has one?

Well I am off to bed. I will try to post updated layouts this week. Good Night.

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