November 29, 2005

Nighty Night

Whew! For the last couple of days...well since my last post on Sunday, I even forgot I had a blog. Work has been THAT busy!!! I work all day without taking a lunch and then come home late. Last night I got home and did some laundry (even put it away - Whoo hoo go ME!) and ran the dishwasher and had hoped to have some 'me' time but once I sat down to scrapbook I only managed to mat a couple of pictures and cut them out.

Today was another busy day although I did manage to take about an hour away from my desk but not to relax but to run to our main building for a meeting and a few minutes with my sister (who now works for my company - yeah)! I still managed to work .5 to 1 hour overtime today.

Since we were out of TP and that is an important item in this household, I stopped by The Red Circle Boutique (aka Target) on the way home. Instead of running in and buying the 3 items on my list that I needed, I made a detour through the dangerous sections (aka as clothes and shoes). I have a couple of pairs of shoes that are the wrong size and I had forgot to bring them with me to return. As I looked at the shoes I saw they had the pairs I wanted but only one pair in my size so of course I had to pick them up tonight. I just hope they take back the shoes I want to return as I took the tags off of them but never wore them. And since I bought shoes, I also bought socks. It has been forever since I bought socks and tonight I bought purty socks so I will be sylin'. Oh and the socks are so soft.....So over $100.00 later I drove home.

Once home since it was already past 8 o'clock, I warmed up some soup and watched a bit of T.V. I got online to update my blog template to make it a bit more seasony (is that a word?) and what should have only taken a few minutes ended up taking forever as I ended up with circles in front of all my links and I could not find what I had left open in my code. Well I can tell ya.....all my suffering? All because of a stupid missing semi-colon!!! ARGH! Man! Now I am EXHAUSTED!

I am going to bed. Good night!


  1. I love your blog! The new colors and frosties are great :) Good work girl!


  2. Thanks A.

    I used to change it every season but this past year I have been so lazy. I was definitely ready for a change. :-)

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