November 2, 2005

Upside down

When I used to sit out on the main floor I was usually was the one to instigate a few pranks. Big pranks. The kind of pranks where people stop, stare and take photos. It really helped that I sat next to a couple of guys that would brainstorm prank ideas with me and then do them. Of course they usually bore the brunt of those pranks. I was not the only one to play pranks on co-workers but I started getting blamed for all pranks no matter how big or small or whoever did it them.

Now I am in an office that has its own prankster. He is not into the big pranks but the little pranks (can you tell I like to say pranks?). The ones you really don’t notice until after you have been looking at it for awhile. I came into work yesterday to find that my cube had been turned upside down (well what he could get to). I did notice that the paper with my name was upside down (see pic over there to the right) but he has done that before (I caught him doing that and filling my office with post-its) so I thought nothing of it. In fact I thought maybe I had not fixed it from before. It was not until I sat here a bit (well someone pointed it out to me actually – yes I am that dense I guess – LOL!) that all my photos, frames, water bottle, soda cans, wet ones, white boards etc were upside down. I think I will keep it this way as I am sure it will bug him and I will come in one day and find everything right side up. But rest assured, my mind is already thinking of payback!

Please forgive me for my not so glamorous photo. It was taken at the end of a very long day.

VTO (voluntary time off) ~ it is a state of mind that I don’t plan to move out of anytime soon.

*** Oh and on a side note. And this is directed to those of you that I will be cropping with this weekend and you know who you are. Please be aware that pictures will be taken. Oh yes there will be pictures! You have been warned! ***


  1. Whew! Good thing I actually did my hair this morning :p

  2. I'm not wearing any clothes. Will you still take pictures?

  3. R. Don't you know those are the best kind of pictures?????? LOL!

    A. I am with you on the hair. My hair is clean today. :-)

    Hopefully I will feel well enough to join you guys tonight.

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