November 16, 2005

So sparkly I will be!

I think I have a problem. Do you notice that this picture has changed since the last time I posted it? Yeah.....definitely a problem. Why is it a problem? Because so far all of these items are just for me. I have not yet purchased any for Christmas presents like I want to. At least I will look darn purty with all my new jewelry. All of the items I have ordered (except for the one today) have shipped. I think I may need to beat B to the mailbox over the next few days. So in order to not be the only one with this problem, I will share the link to this new addiction with all of you. Just click the pretty banner below.

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for any new addictions you may encounter!!


  1. I just order a ring from there today! My first one! I can't wait to see how it is when I get it!!

  2. Nooooooooo, you can't let the secret out!

    Oh, and I live the earrings that are on the front there.

  3. And when are you going to create the 12 step recovery program? I blame this addiction squarely on you. It is all your fault.

  4. Hunny – Enjoy! I have seen the rings and they are gorgeous!

    Now Happay Mommay you need to learn how to share!

    Crazy Mommy – I think I may have you help me write that 12-step program as I am thinking you may have purchased more than me. :-) Just remember….the more you spend on jewelry the less you will have to spend on scrapbook supplies!!!

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