July 31, 2006

It’s a bit wet

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I could not sleep last night. I have way too much going on inside my head. One good thing about not sleeping is I think I have figured out how I want to organize my scrap stuff. The only problem is it will cost a lot of money. Maybe I need to cash in on the $5,080.86 my blog is worth.

It also did not help that while I was tossing and turning last night that a major storm blew thru town. The wind was blowing the rain right at the windows and when it does that the windows leak. So I was running around putting towels in the windows and unplugging the computer since the water just happens to drip right next to the computer and onto the power strip. Of course DH slept right thru it all. There is a major leak (or drip) in the bathroom from the fan. Luckily it is right above the toilet and all I have to do is leave the seat up and the water drips right into the toilet – no bucket needed. The only downside to this – well there are a couple, is that the cats can now get into the toilet and when sitting on the toilet your head gets dripped on. This morning the carpet downstairs by the sliding glass window was soaked. Now the house will start to smell all icky as it slowly dries. That is IF it dries.

Last time it rained this much was in 1983. If you are not familiar with the desert, our washes are normally empty and dry. You only get water in the wash when it rains. The news said today that one particular wash is 15 feet deep and the water is going at 12-17 mph. You can watch video by going here.

Oh and can you tell who bought a new record last week? I really did not listen to much music last week but I guess I found a way to fit in the new stuff. Well actually 24 listens is not that much. That is basically listening to the CD twice. So I guess I didn't really over do it.

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  1. Pretty funny about the leak being over your toilet, which I thought was a really good place for it to be... except, perhaps you can just put your umbrella up while you're there! (And then, you'll have to share the photo, of course!)
    Hope things dry up soon.

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