July 10, 2006

Today was just weird

Today was the beginning of what I think will be a very long week. It is hard getting back to work after having so much time off.

Between 2 days off for the holiday and one day off for vacation and one sick day, I only worked one day last week. I have SO much work to get caught up on. I had hoped to get a good chunk of work done today but forgot that I had a 2 hour class to go to. I also wore my contacts today and I don't get even half as much work done when I do because my eyes get so tired.

Today was just weird.

Tomorrow will be even weirder. My boss has scheduled a meeting. A meeting where the invite says that he will be the only one talking so that it does not turn into a debate or something where everyone starts yelling and getting all upset. I sure do hope this meeting will take care of the situation with the gossipy and not so nice co-worker. I just hope that nothing bad is said about me because since I take everything WAY too personally I probably will just lose it. I admit it, I am a big crybaby. But....considering I never leave my cube and people have to pull me away from my work, I don't think the meeting should involve me too much.

I know I have mentioned that I am in a couple of scrapping contests this summer. Since I am a slow scrapper this is something new for me. I really want to do well and what I mean by well is just to actually submit something by the deadline. That is my main goal. So far so good with one of the challenges. I 'think' I submitted it by the deadline but there is no way to tell if it was accepted. I sure hope it was.

I have 3 layouts I need to complete before Friday and two of the layouts must be 2-pagers (12x12). One of the challenges also involves using my own handwriting. I used to like my handwriting but I have never thought it was anything special. I think I compare myself to others way too much and that is why I don't like it.

Really, the only good thing about today were my new pink & brown shoes. LOL! Not to be confused with my pink & brown chucks. What is it with me and pink & brown shoes?


  1. What's up with you and pink and brown shoes, you ask? Well, pink and brown rocks, that's what. :)
    Hey I'm right with you on the doing well = doing it at all, and on deadline. That's my personal criteria for success right now....

  2. Well to be honest. Pink & brown are pretty much my favorite colors I think. I sure do have a lot of that.

  3. I take things way too personally too--good luck at the meeting tomorrow.

  4. ummm..those shoes are super cute. I can understand your obsession...LOL

  5. Those shoes are awesome! It took me 28 years but I can finally admit that I'm a girl and I like shoes...lol. Good luck with your projects. I've always wanted to get into scrapping, but I'm just not creative enough and I don't like fiddling with little details. That's why I stick to crochet....but I'm jealous of people who have the patience and skill to scrap!

  6. I hope that the meeting is good and calm for you tomorrow and good luck with the contests. That is awesome that you are putting yourself out there. Good Luck!!! Smiles!

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