July 19, 2006

Yellow NOT White!

I need help.

Help with my shoes.

See those over there <---- They are supposed to be WHITE. They are not WHITE. I need help getting them WHITE.

When I was younger I used to wear KEDS all the time. I learned back then to NEVER wash them with bleach because the glue gets all yellow… And to never put them in the dryer…And to always use stain remover like Shout.

Well I washed these shoes and did not use bleach and they still turned yellow. Now granted I have worn them since I last washed them so they are dirty as well as being yellow.

Please help. How do you keep your canvas shoes nice and WHITE?

1 comment:

  1. You should still be buying keds they will wash white and they look a whole lot better. For washing I use a product called Amaze with a bit of a soak then out on the line hung by the tongue until dry.

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