July 24, 2006

Just stuff...

I have never seen a radar report like this one. Usually it is in clumps. I don’t know what to make of this as it is not raining outside cause I ran outside to roll up my windows and didn't have to.

Don’t you think it almost looks like an angel? Well I sure do.

I see that my Arctic Monkeys obsession from the previous week has kind of cooled. The numbers look a lot more normal for last week. Now I don't look like an obsessive fan. LOL!

I really didn’t listen to very much music last week. Hopefully this week will be better. I really want to buy the new Boy Kill Boy CD and it is a good thing I did not go and look for it this weekend as it does not come out until tomorrow. If you go to the site you can listen to some of the songs. So far I love the songs that I have heard and I think I may have a new obsession come next week.

This past weekend I got none of the scrapping done that I wanted to do. I also did not get any of the cleaning I needed to do. So very unproductive was I.

My Saturday seemed to be spent just driving places. I drove to the huge JoAnn’s that is far away from my house and looked at all the new scrapbook things they had for sale. Okay, I didn’t just look, I also bought. I was then going to go to the Ulta store on that side of town but after driving down many different aisles in the mall parking lot (behind many other cars) for about 10 minutes I said ‘forget it’ and drove to the entire OTHER side of town to the other location – where I parked in one of the first spots and only saw a handful of customers in the store. Whew! That sure is a long sentence. I bought this pretty pink shadow and it sure is PINK. I cannot wait to actually try it on my eye and not just on my hand.

p.s. ~ I sure wish Blogger would let me post all the pictures I wanted to. I don't know why it never seems to work for me. I get the screen saying the photo is uploaded but nothing is there. So again I say....Blogger sucks! Please don't ask how long it took to post this entry today........I am thinking I should have given up after an hour but sadly it took longer than that. I started this post at 4:25. It is now 6pm and I can finally upload. Unbelievable!

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  1. Actually the radar picture looks like a target :ACK: hee hee

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