October 23, 2006

The Black Parade is coming

I am really looking forward to tomorrow (Tuesday). But just don't tell B because he will tease me. Tomorrow is the release of the new My Chemical Romance album. I am listening to it now at The Black Parade.

Quite different.

I like it. Well what I have heard so far. Even if it does sound a lot more mainstream. Heck their B-side sounds like a Christmas song at the beginning.

I have a feeling that my weekly Last.fm chart is going to show an over abundance of MCR in the upcoming weeks. Not that this will be any different than any other week. I really do try not to listen to MCR too much but I guess since I have more songs (like entire albums) from MCR on my iTunes it gets heavy rotation. So I guess I am not REALLY all that obsessed. I mean I could listen to an entire album for any artist and it will show as the most played artist for the week. So last week's total of 10 plays is not that bad. Right?

It is so sad that the only thing I have to look forward to is the release of a new album. LOL!

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