October 8, 2006

From Malibu to crappy poo!

I finally got a call back from the manager at the Enterprise location I had called. He asked me how long I would be at work and then told me he was going to bring me a new car.

Well.....I should have just drove the first rental with the stolen plate.

Our original rental was a 2006 Chevy Malibu (the one on the left). I had never driven a Malibu and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I did not like the headrest as it hit at the back of my head because I am so darn short but that was definitely overlooked as this car was awesome. It just felt new and I felt very comfortable driving it. I actually would not mind getting one of these.

So fast forward to the Enterprise manager bringing me a new car.

We went from the lovely Malibu to that piece of crappy poo, ummm I mean 2006 Ford Taurus over there. -->

This car stinks! Literally! It has a weird smell and the radio does not work! I have to push the seat forward so far that my head hits the roof of the car on the sunvisor. This car just feels so old!!! It creaks and makes weird noises and the engine is LOUD! I do not feel comfortable in this car at all. I told B that it was his turn to call the rental company so I think on Monday he is going to tell them to bring us another car.

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