October 16, 2006

Last week in review...

Last Monday ~

I think that Enterprise has redeemed itself.

I now only feel that the service at the airport location sucks! I drove the Taurus to the Enterprise location I originally got the Malibu from and they were appalled that I was given a Taurus. I guess the Taurus is the lowest level and was not an equal exchange to the Malibu. So the lovely ladies put me in a Dodge Stratus. Let me just say….I LOVED THIS CAR!!! even though I only got to drive it a couple of days. The one thing I absolutely loved about having to rent a car is that I got to try different ones. I never have that opportunity as I only drive the cars I end up buying or borrowing from my Dad.

Last Tuesday ~

Not a very good day. Lots of stress about money and the darn car.

Last Wednesday ~

So let’s talk about music. I was on a mission to listen to something new last week and I ‘think’ I may have done it. Although there does seem to be a lot of the same groups showing up. Maybe that is because no one left me any suggestions. :(

Last Thursday ~

B’s brother & family are moving to Japan. My sister-in-law and the girls stopped by on their way out of town to say goodbye. We went over to the in-laws for few hours and ended up watching a movie as well. The girls are just too cute! The two oldest girls we had seen a couple of months earlier and it was good to see them again. I really don’t know the younger ones as well since we don’t see them as often. All four girls have such different personalities. I of course took a lot of pictures but mostly of the younger ones. I would have loved to take more of all of them but the older girls were not in the mood. It was late, so I could not blame them. This one here is our actress. She posed for every shot.

Last Friday ~

The Honda came home! I dropped off the rental and went to pick up my car. I am now only $507.00 poorer.

The Honda was filthy, so I stopped by to get it washed. I only wanted the cheap wash to get off the dust and wipe down the dashboard. I know that $7.99 does not get you much but they did not even wipe down the dashboard. The manager told me that they only do ‘general dusting’ but I guess by ‘general dusting’ they mean NOTHING! Even the outside of the car sucked! It was still dirty. I will never go back to Simoniz again. The manager did not even care when I told him that I would tell others about my experience.

Then, I bought The Club for the car. If someone is going to try to take my car again I want to make it more of a hassle. Now if I can only get B to use the darn thing I will feel that my money is well spent. With our luck he will forget to use it and someone will steal that AND the car.

I got to work really late and since I did not feel like working on another Saturday, I worked until 8:15pm! I was the only one there! It is a lot spookier working alone late at night than during the day. Especially when someone (I think security) just popped their head in the door and asked if anyone was still there.

Last Saturday ~

I cleaned the litter box. Ewwww~!

Sunday aka yesterday ~

Last day of the weekend so of course I had to get all the necessary stuff finished. Yeah...did not do it all. I Did some laundry and even went grocery shopping. Came home and watched trashy TV aka Desperate Housewives (one of B's favorite).

Monday aka Today ~

Work was okay. I really was not in the mood to be there but after work was even better. Tonight I met some old friends for dinner. We met at 7pm but did not leave the restaurant until 9:30pm. Talk about a lot of catching up to do.

Why does the day always drag when you are looking forward to the evening?

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