October 25, 2006

Okay...so he really did not lie

Well….it rained yesterday but just a bit.

Except for my wet car at the end of the day I would have to say that it still did NOT rain. I say that, ‘cause I did not “see” it rain. LOL! It rained right before I left work to head home. I guess it rained quite a bit too because some of the streets were flooded. Want to scare yourself? Drive down a dark street that has water across the road and don’t put on your brakes. Yep! Pretty scary stuff. Especially when you cannot see the water. I always make it a habit of breaking as I drive past each street but sometimes I don’t want to look like a weirdo, you know? This city is definitely not made for rain. If you visit and it rains, remember you can only drive down the middle of the road ~ Unless the entire road is flooded. Then you just need to float. :) I am still waiting for the cold weather we were promised. I still cannot wear a sweater yet.

Tonight is a good night to plant my butt in front of the TV. First there is Jericho. Anybody else out there watching too? I really do like this show and it has a lot of secret stuff. It keeps you guessing.

Then there is LOST. I don’t know yet about this 3rd season but I will stick with it for now. I guess I just want the show to move faster than it is.

After LOST, there is The Nine. So far it is okay but I have to give it a couple more shows to make a decision on if I will keep watching it.


  1. Another Lost fan. : ) Can you believe I didn't watch the 1st season, just started getting into it the 2nd season.

    Awesome layouts and congrats on the contest wins!!

  2. I hate watching TV and I'm completely hooked on Lost. I'm hoping for some really big moments and revelations in the next two episodes. Hopefully there is a payout soon.

  3. I can relate to all the rain. We have had way too much lately nearly every day. Flooded streets and yards. Is this fall or spring?

    Well, now I have heard everything. I had to laugh when I saw the book cover. I love that the top says: "A scrapbooking mystery" That was priceless.

    Coleen- http://www.snipitsofme.blogspot.com

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