August 6, 2007

...and it is only Monday

Today was a long day and I sure am tired. I woke up to hear B telling me that it was pouring outside. Our new place is constructed so much better than our old place that I cannot even hear when it is raining outside. Today was the day I started training so B had to walk to work in the pouring rain while I got to take the car. I felt so bad. We don’t even own an umbrella. He said it was okay though and since he has not complained about it this evening, I guess I have to believe him.

This morning, I opened up a fresh pair of contacts for the occasion and they ended up bothering me the entire day. I think wearing contacts makes me even more tired than I should be, especially when I have to stare at a computer screen all day. Tomorrow may just be an eye- glasses kind of day. I hope that it won’t rain.

Each day we have to take a typing test. Only 5 mistakes allowed. No problem, I tell myself. This is the same test I took (and passed) to test out of the course. The only difference is we are NOT allowed to backspace at all! I did not realize how much I backspace and how much my fingers hit multiple keys (I did not realize just how fat my fingers were, I guess – LOL!). I think I may have been nervous but also the keyboard is much higher than I am used to. No matter what the reason, it took many many attempts (I lost count) to even get a decent page to turn in. I think tomorrow I may be more at ease and it should not be so difficult for me.

I have my work cut out for me that is for sure. Do you SEE the size of that medical terms textbook? That thing is HUGE!! I need to read the first chapter but I am afraid I am going to fall asleep. I don’t think I will have any problem falling asleep tonight. I am almost tempted to just go to bed right now. Actually now would be a good time to have a slice of that cherry pie I just baked. :)

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  1. Oh, I hope you got through that first chapter and stayed awake. Medical terminology is a rough one not to fall asleep through! Hang in there! :)

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