August 1, 2007

The Move ~ Part I

I think I am finally starting to catch my breath!

I have NEVER done so much before in so little time. We were able to start moving in some things a day earlier than we had planned. So, on Friday, we brought over 2-car loads. I was able to bring over most of my scrapping supplies which now I am glad that they came over first thing.

Saturday, I still had use of my mom’s car and was able to go early in the day to drop off another load of stuff. My parent’s flight was supposed to come in at 1:20 and they called to tell me is was on time and to pick them up at 1:30. I headed over to the airport at 1pm ahead of super dark storm clouds. When I got to the airport about 25 minutes later the storm had hit at home and it was a doozie! I had not heard from my parents and so I drove up to baggage claim to see if they were waiting. They were not and I was not even able to stop to see if they were walking out. Security will not allow anyone to stop at all unless your entire party is ready with all baggage – they must be standing at the curb. I was told that I needed to just drive around the airport until they were ready. It was sprinkling by this time. I drove around the airport (along with many others) 4 times until I decided to just drive to a nearby hotel parking lot to wait for a phone call. I am glad that I did since the rain starting really coming down. I finally got a call from my parents. There were here but still on the plane. Because of the storm, the tarmac was closed and they had to wait until all lightning was gone. They sat on that plane for over an hour! What was supposed to be a quick trip ended up taking hours. My poor dad was so nice to get the truck and hand carts ready for me while the rain poured down. I finally got home and continued my packing.

Sunday, B’s parents came over to help us move the big furniture. B and his step-dad really worked hard at moving all the heavy furniture. My in-laws and B made many trips back and forth while I stayed home and packed and moved more stuff down the stairs to have waiting for them. I did get to make a trip over with all the computer stuff and it was nice to get out of the apartment. I still had some things left to pack and B was not too happy about it. The entire day was just so confusing. My packing did not go the way I would have liked. I had it all planned out but then B would want me to stop and start packing something else (or help him with something) and then he would complain that I had not finished packing what I was working on in the first place. He would tell me not to bother looking thru things to throw them away and just throw them in the boxes but then he would tell me that I should not take it all with me. Am I the only one confused by that? I was not too happy with him. He was exhausted though and quickly fell asleep– me on the other hand, I stayed up and went thru the last closet and threw out tons of stuff. Even though I was so tired, I had problems falling asleep. An air mattress on the floor is not very comfy for sore bodies.


  1. I hate that at the airport! I figured out last time there is a little lot if before you vear left to go up to the drop off you instead turn right (towards the tower cafe) there is a little dirt lot to sit and wait. Thats what I do now until my party calls me. Too much hassle driving around and around. Shhh its a little known secret ;)

    Glad you are moved - I hear your pain. I don't ever want to move again. But give me a few years and I'll be itching to move again... its the circle of life haha

  2. Gosh, I hope you get to have some rest soon! I moved two months ago and my in-laws were here from Texas the whole time. Talk about awkward! Good luck with everything and I hope you like your new place!

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