August 4, 2007

The Move ~ The final chapter

Wednesday, B went to the walk-thru of the old apartment. I felt so much better about the way I left the place when she told him that our Apartment was cleaner than some that have lived there a year and we were there 7. I guess I may have over cleaned a bit. We may even get some deposit money back.

While B was gone, the cable man came to hook-up the cable. We were told since this place had not had cable in over 10-years we needed a technician to come out. Well we found out that the people who lived here before had cable but they just were not paying for it. Darn! I wonder what cool channels they had. LOL!

Within the same hour, our new bed and new couches arrived. I really do like how the couches look and B was right that they would not look so yellow once we got them home. I was so looking forward to sleeping on the new bed but after only a couple of hours I woke up in pain. I have had problems in the past with my hands/fingers and feet going numb. This night both my arms were numb and it hurt so much it woke me up. The numbness went down on one arm but persisted in my right arm and hand. In fact, the fingers on my right arm are still numb today. It feels like my fingers are going to explode!

We are getting used to the new place and I know that B loves it as much as I do. I even don’t mind that the dial-up speed is ½ of what it was at the old place.

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