August 5, 2007

C is for Coasters

We bought coasters. We are pretty excited about buying coasters. How sad is that? LOL~

Tomorrow is the day.

My training starts tomorrow and I am so excited. I am even looking forward to getting up early. Well I say that now but I will get back to you tomorrow and let you know how it went. I am SO not a morning person. LOL! I have a feeling that B and I might be fighting over the bathroom in the morning. I just unpacked the alarm clock. Good thing I remembered. I hope that I am able to get to sleep tonight. Maybe I should cover up the clock so that I don’t keep waking up to check the time.

My only fear at the moment is that the numbness in my fingers will keep me up like it has been all week and that I won’t be able to type tomorrow. :(

I think that the babies are fitting very nicely into the new place. I sure wish the highlight of my day was how long I could take a nap. I have to admit though…the new furniture sure is comfy, no wonder all they do is lay all over it.


  1. Love those coasters...they are so cute! So is the cat!
    Good luck on training!

  2. The coasters are wonderful - good luck on the new job !!!

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