August 3, 2007

The Move ~ Part II

...and the story continues...

One of my biggest gripes with this entire move is that B kept changing his mind as to when he wanted us all moved into the new place. No problem but he would not tell me and so I would be working on my schedule of getting us all packed and out of the old place by a certain date and come to find out he wants to move a day or two earlier. My schedule got all out of whack!

Monday, B’s friend came over to “help.” He was supposed to help move all the left over boxes. Everything was packed up except for the bathroom and some of the kitchen. I was in the process of cleaning out the fridge and needed to wash all the Tupperware etc that I took out of the fridge. I was working in the bathroom upstairs when I heard packing going on in the kitchen. B’s friend had started “packing” the kitchen. I had no idea what was going on downstairs. I did not even go down to look. I did find out later that his friend packed up all the dirty dishes and his idea of “packing was to put a glass inside a Tupperware bowl and then wrap it in saran wrap (or kleenix or paper towels). At least we had a good laugh when we were unpacking the stuff but now I am out of paper towels and plastic wrap.

B was a little touchy (and super tired) and ended up leaving in a huff. Yeah Monday was just not our day. I took the cats over to the new place and went back to finish up. We did end up staying the night at the new place, which was nice. I don’t know if it was tiredness, achey bones or just being old but it sure is hard getting up off of the floor when you sleep on those air mattresses.

Tuesday, was the last day to be out of our old place. B packed up the truck with the last of the boxes and I was cleaning the place from top to bottom. Right in the middle of loading the truck, we were hit with a huge storm. B decided to drive the boxes over to see if he could beat the storm but no such luck. I guess it was one of the worst storms so far to hit this season. Everything got soaked! The boxes literally disintegrated! They fell apart when he was bringing them into the house. A lot of the boxes held foodstuffs and made a mess, some also held dishes and scrapping stuff. As you can see, it all ended up in a pile in the kitchen.

It took me ALL day to clean the old apartment. I didn’t want the management to have any complaints. We had lived there about 7-years and did not plan on cleaning the carpet so I just vacuumed it. But, I did end up wiping down ALL the walls. Those Magic Erasers are awesome! The only other thing I did not clean was the oven but I was SO ready to get out of that place! I was bothered though that we were told we HAD to finish the cleaning before the office closed for the day since the walk thru HAD to be on the last day of the month. Come to find out the manager took the day off to spend at the spa.

After cleaning, B loaded the one sofa on the truck that was going to my parents and we drove over to deliver it and return the truck. I have NEVER been so tired! My mom made enchiladas which I am so thankful for as I had not eaten all day.

I am covered in bruises and my ankles were SO swollen. But, it was worth it to be in our new place.

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