November 6, 2007

See this picture?

It is such a silly little picture. However it has now become my most popular photo on Flickr. It is even more popular than my ankle picture. It has been invited to a group and even gotten a couple of kudos. How cool is that?

My home computer has been having issues. The main issue is that I still have dial-up. Go ahead and laugh. I will wait.

At least I have XP on the thing. I won’t tell you how long it took me to upgrade. Well if you are a regular reader of my blog you already know.

I have been having problems downloading my email at home and it has made me grumpy. I think it is finally working now though. I hate that it takes so long to do things though. However since I don’t have $50+ to spend on an Internet connection, I will stick with my $20 dial-up.

This week I am trying to test out of as many packets as I can. All my lessons are set up by packets/chapters. I work at my own pace and test when I am ready. I have been working on insurance packets. Insurance is confusing and boring. How does anyone ever understand Medicare?

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