April 25, 2008


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I need to get a more exciting life.

I was looking thru some past posts and noticed that I sure did have a lot more people commenting on what I wrote. I am trying to see what is different than before. I still complained back then so it cannot be that. LOL! Geez! Even my own friends don't stop by anymore. I think maybe the idea of having a blog is so popular now that there are just too many of them out there. The novelty is gone. Maybe I should give something away. Ya know...buy some friendship. LOL!

Any of you familiar with the online reservation sites? Like Orbitz, Hotels.com, Travelocity, etc? Which one is the best? In the past, I have only used online reservation sites for airline tickets. Now I need to make hotel reservations for my BUSINESS TRIP! I am so happy to say that. At my previous job there were always hints that I would eventually be sent on one but it never happened. I have only been at my current job for a short time and I already get to take one. Of course it will probably be the ONLY trip I get to take but it is still a trip!

I am SO happy today is Friday. How about you?


  1. Pflbbbt! Do you have subscribers to your blog? Hmm? Ha! I knew it! Silly girl - I read every post but through bloglines so I rarely comment.....

    Congrats on the trip! That will be a fun change of pace!

  2. We've used hotels.com before. Got a good deal but they don't guarantee you to get a king size bed even if you request it. Once you get to the hotel you may end up with a double instead.

  3. I love expedia.com for booking travel stuff. We have booked airline tickets, hotels, cars, and even show tickets through there. They are easy to use and have great package deals.

  4. Cant help with the reservations- we have a friend in the buisness that takes care of our needs but I wanted say what a lovely Blog. Your picture is simply adorable and should be ur new avatar :' )

    My blog goes and spurts but I have noticed that my friends still visit but dont ever comment anymore. I think I have some lazy friends thats all :' ) hehehe lol, Norma

  5. Your new pic is hilarious! Love it. We've used expedia.com and priceline.com. They're both pretty good. Have fun on your trip. Where are you going?

  6. Thanks everyone for the suggestions (and the comments by the way *Ü*).

    I still have to make my reservations so I will check all of these out. I really need to get busy and book something like NOW. LOL!

    I was talking to my mom the other day and she seriously thinks I should not make any reservations and just look for a hotel when I get there. Now I am afraid to travel with her. LOL!

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