April 19, 2008

Out with the not so old...

It seems that now that I have a faster online connection I am not finding myself using it all that much. Maybe because I am on the computer all day and just don't feel like turning it on at night. Or it could be that this computer is so darn slow that it gets frustrating. Since my home computer is a Dell there is no way to update it. If we want faster, we will need to buy a new computer. But since the husband bought this thing the other day, it will be quite awhile before we can afford a new computer.

There was nothing wrong with the old one. It was only a few years old but I guess that does not matter when it comes to dumb video games and how they need to be in hi-def. Oh my, does this sound like a rant or what? I probably would have gotten over the idea of owing for the new TV but then of course we needed a couple of special cables each being around $50. Then there is the upgrading of the cable box which will add only $6 more a month to the cable bill but we already increased it by going with the cable internet connection. So now the husband has his hi-def and the wireless connection for his games and I guess I am just feeling a bit down at not having anything hi-tech and new of my own.

On another note, last night I watched the season premiere of Dr. Who on SciFi. I don't know what I thought about that show. I really was not that impressed with the episode and hope that they get better. I have not even seen the season finale from last season. That is on tonight well in half an hour, but on BBC America. I am looking forward to watching it, but what I really want to see is the finale of Torchwood. Now that is an awesome show!


  1. Hey, this is shameless, but what did you do with your old one? If you didn't merely relocate it to another room of the house... I ask because our TV bit the dust hard and the kids are driving me nuts! I know, I know, it's terrible... :)

  2. So about the TV. Even before B called me to say that we were basically getting a new TV, he had already arranged to sell our old one. It was supposed to help make me feel better about him buying a new one, I guess. I would have loved to have moved it into the bedroom but it was so huge that I would rather have the smaller (and older) TV in there.

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