April 7, 2008


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Finally! After years and years, the hubby and I now have high-speed Internet! Of course it is not without its issues. It was supposed to have been turned on last Sunday (yesterday) but ended up being today. Then we find out that they only allow one cable connection to be active so the darn cable is plugged into the living room wall and snakes all the way across the house to get to the computer. I am not too happy that it will cost over $40 in order to get the cable connection to work in the bedroom. The cable company tells us we are eligible for free cable in the bedroom but we have to pay if we want to get it. I wonder if I can get the owner to pay to get the plug activated?

This past weekend was not a good one. At. All. Today was a little better. Hopefully by the end of this week all will be well again. :) I sure do hope so 'cause the stress is starting to get to me.


  1. Hurray for high-speed internet! Now you'll never need to leave the house again! Well, not really - actually you WILL be able to leave the house as it will no longer take two hours to post a blog...xx

  2. Yipee!!! Congrats you will be lovin' it!

  3. You both are so right! We so do love this! I cannot wait to actually do stuff online and not have it take weeks! I will be so caught up on things I will not know what to do with myself!

    We hooked it up for wireless so the hubby can access it with his PS3. Can you believe he had already downloaded new songs for Rock Band WAY before I even finished setting the thing up on the computer. LOL!

    He mentioned that we probably won't see much of each other as we will be too busy online. :) I have a feeling he is right.

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