April 12, 2008


Today we went to run a couple of shopping errands. While leaving the first store I totally missed a step and down I went. If it were for the fact that there was a car at the curb in front of me, I probably would have landed on my face instead of my knees. The husband says he doesn't think anyone saw. I told him, dude, everyone saw! LOL! I do find it funny that once he helped me up and we walked to the car that we never even looked back at the store. Talk about embarrassing.

Now I need to work on my taxes. I really do need to do them but I am starting to feel a bit tired and kind of ill. I wonder if I am making myself feel this way because I really don't want to do my taxes.

This past week has been an extremely long week.

Work is going well. Nothing new to report about that. I do find my desk to be quite cold (I sit directly under a vent) and when I get cold I get sleepy. Add to that the fact that I stayed up later than usual this past week and by Friday it was so hard to concentrate, much less stay awake.

This past week also marked the anniversary of my Uncle's passing. I really do miss him.

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