March 1, 2009

No wonder...

I am so tired.

I can never get on this computer until after 10pm and by then I really don't feel like doing anything. This laptop has turned the husband into a computer junkie. He NEVER used to use the computer. When we were at the store looking to buy he even told the sales guy that all he uses it for is his iPod and the occasional viewing of a webpage. Well all that has now changed. He is constantly on it. Of course I have to be honest and say he is using it to fill up his iPod. I cannot wait until that this is full so he no longer needs the computer. Of course he is thinking of starting a Facebook page so I still may not get any computer time.

Oh have I even mentioned the whole iPod thing? I know I mentioned that I got one as a birthday gift. What I didn't mention is that the husband had to buy himself one too. Not AFTER my birthday but at the same time. Why do men to that? Or is it just mine?

In other news, I have lost a bit of weight this past month. 12 pounds down so far. I have NO idea why it is coming off so fast. I know it is bound to slow down very soon. As long as it does not stop I will be happy. The husband wanted steak tonight. I am sure it will be reflected in my weigh-in tomorrow. Well there is always next week, right?

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