March 21, 2009

Please pardon my dust

As you can see I am in the process of making changes. It has been a long time in the making but I have been unsuccessful in the past on finding a blogging template that would work with uploading my photos from Flickr. All the regular Blogger templates cut off part of the photo.

So while fooling around last night I found one that appeared to work. I started working on it with the intent to have it all uploaded first thing today. But then this morning I had to go buy Twilight (of course) and I had to watch a movie with the hubs and his friend ( NOT Twilight). Then while the boys were distracted with Rock Band I finally got back to editing. I didn't get too far as you can see before the hubs needed me to help out with something. So off I go.


  1. OOh, what a great photo for your header. It looks awesome. I just rented Twilight and can't wait to watch it tonight!!!

  2. The header looks wonderful! I love that picture. A perfect start to your updating!

  3. The header looks very pretty! I am impressed with your work. I just went with a plain ol template because I am way out of my league with all this.
    How was the Twilight movie? I'm just now reading the books. On the third one.

  4. Thanks all for visiting and commenting. :-)

    The header was made from a photo I took a few months ago for my Project 365.

    As for Twilight, I loved it! Definitely a keeper!

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