March 19, 2009


Can you hear that? That is time just rushing on by. Before I realize it, another weekend has come and gone.

I don't want to say that this month has been busy but I sure have been doing a lot more than the normal for around here.

I got to hang out with some awesome old friends. This is the 2nd time so far this year that we have been able to get together. These are friends from high school so we are talking over 20 years of knowing one another. One, I actually see every week but the other travels. I mean she travels, a lot. She came for a visit back in January and we had a wonderful time catching up. She then came back this past week. It really is hard to tear myself away from it all.

I have been calling 2009 the year of reunions. I was supposed to have my 20th high school reunion last year. It never happened. But no worries. It seems like there will be reunions up the wazoo this year. Not only have I been able to spend time with some lovely ladies (and you too Andy) but in April there is an informal reunion that spans different graduating years. There are quite a few people that will be attending and I am excited to go. Then there is another in December that will be super cool. But between those two parties there are other reunions being planned. I am so happy that I still live in town and won't have to travel to attend any of them.

Work has been pretty steady. I am slowing working on upping my pace. Some days are more productive than others but I think I am finally starting to get my rhythm. It has been a year so it is about time. I still have to teach myself new stuff everyday though and I just hope that I am doing it right. I really need to start taking my classes too. Hopefully this weekend will see me signed up for the first class in the program. I need to finish up the classes in time to sit for my certification test. I had hoped to test this year but it looks like it will be more like 2010.

Sadly, not much going on around here in the creative department. Although I still am taking a photo-a-day. Which reminds me, I have not taken my shot for the day and it is already 10:30. I guess I had better do that so I can get myself to bed.

-- Good night.

cat napping

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