December 9, 2011

Finally Friday

I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. This past week has been so exhausting.

At work, I began what I thought would be an easy peasy software conversion update. I started on Wednesday and had hoped to complete the conversion that same day. I had to run an error check on all entries from 2004 to 2010. I ended up with 8592 errors that needed fixing before any converting could be done. I am fixing errors that people made that worked there before I did. Some are really dumb, others are because of new fields that the software program created in 2010. Some entries require just a zero to be entered into an empty field. Others are much more involved. Needless to say, I still have not run the conversion.

Every night this week, I have barely been able to keep my eyes open. Last night was the worst. I even fell asleep while crocheting. Like right in the middle of a stitch. That has never happened before.

Speaking of crocheting.....Brownie is almost finished "cooking". Only a couple of rows left to go.

Isn't it pretty?


ripples up close


  1. Hope that you catch up with your sleep over the weekend. It's awful having to correct the mistakes of those that are long gone.

    Brownie does look lovely - crocheting sounds like a soothing passtime after a stressful day.

    I visit your blog when I’m on ExposeYourBlog!

  2. Oh, that is beautiful! Love the colors!

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