December 4, 2011

Meet Brownie {ripple}

I think it's about time you all met Brownie. 

I started working on Brownie back in September, but had to put him aside in order to concentrate more on studying for my final exam (I think I may have mentioned something about said final exam, maybe once or twice). Now that all that stressful study time is over and done with (at least for now), I can finally get back to spending my evenings on something much more creative and fun. This really is good thing since I do plan on giving Brownie as a Christmas present. 

So, here we go again, the pressure is on and the countdown begins. 20 days and counting.....

Brownie {ripple}

1 comment:

  1. Hot chocolate came to mind when I saw your picture. I just looked back to the post about the yarn. It was a good choice!

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