April 16, 2015

J is for Javelina

Javelinas (pronounced ha-va-LEE-nas) are not pigs. They are actually collared peccary.

If you see a javelina be prepared to see more than one. They live in big family groups. The average group size is 10 or less, but a few herds have known to number up to 53 animals.

You are most likely to come across a javelina during the early morning and evening hours. They are creatures of habit and can be found walking the same path at the same time of day, every day. So much so that a neighbor put up a "Javelina Crossing" sign in her yard. They don't have very good eyesight but they do have great hearing and sense of smell. If you come across one you will want to keep your distance and not make any sudden movements or loud noises.

Javelina are nosy. They like to get into everything and are famous for dumping over the garbage cans and making a huge mess.

One night, my brother left the front gate open. I woke up in the middle of the night to see shadows moving outside the sliding glass door. A large group of javelinas were rooting around the front patio. I watched them until they all went out the gate. The largest one of the group was the last one to leave. I opened the front door and quickly slammed the gate shut. As soon as I did that, the giant one turned and butted that gate over and over. He was so angry. That is the closest I have been to an angry javelina. I was very lucky that there was a gate between us.

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Javelina and her babies
Photo by Amythestsparkles


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  1. What interesting animals! I hadn't realized they weren't pigs. I certainly wouldn't want to be just a gate away from one of them.

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