April 26, 2015

R is for Ringtail

Ringtails have large black eyes, big pink ears, a tiny face, and a long black-and-white ringed tail that looks like a cuddly feather boa.

The Ringtail or as it is also known, the Ringtail cat or Miner's cat, is not related to cats at all, it is actually a member of the Raccoon family. They got the nickname Miner's cat in the 1800s, when miners kept them as pets because they were so good at catching mice.

Few people have ever seen a Ringtail in the wild. But I can proudly say that I have.

When I bought my house a few years ago, I had the experience of coming face to face with a Ringtail in my kitchen! It was my first overnight house guest and it is one experience that I will never forget!

To this day, my brother is still jealous that I got to see a Ringtail and he has not. That's okay, I think I can live with that.


Photo by Steven DeRoma


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  1. What a cute little creature. Dropping in from the A to Z I have given your blog a shout out from my letter W today
    Rosie Amber - Book reviewer. Campaigning to link more readers to writers.

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